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 Defined Detail Exterior Decontamination Wash.

 Decontamination Wash procedure is vital for preparing the vehicle surface prior to any polishing.  

 Vehicle is thoroughly cleansed using appropriate chemicals and luxury  wash media. All embedded   contaminates  like Tar Tree Sap Industrial and metal fallout are safely removed again with the correct chemicals   and clay bar. 

 Process Includes  

 * Hot High Pressure Flush

 * Citrus Pre Wash Inc Wheel Arches and Door Shuts 
 * Deep Wheel Clean 
 * SnowFoam Soak 
 * 2 Bucket Hand Wash  
 * Intricate Brush work 
 * Wheel Arch and Door Shut Hi Pressure Steam Flush 

 * Iron Fallout Removal 

 * Tar and Tree Sap Removal 
 * Clay Bar Process 
 * Rinse Aid 

 * Towel Blow Dry 

 * IPA Wipedown

 * Ceramic QD 

   From £85 5+ Hours  

 D 0.5 

The Gloss Enhancement.

A non Corrective package ideal for clients with limited time,budget and/or lease return . Gloss Enhancement package can be completed in just one day. Its aim is to thoroughly clean the vehicle and increasing gloss levels with use of a filler polish via Dual Action Machine Polisher. 

This Package Includes the following Bolt On's 

* Engine Bay Clean + Dress

* Interior Tickle

* Ceramic Wax

   From £175 8+ Hours 


 The Single Stage Enhancement.  

 The Perfect Package for "New"  Well kept vehicles  or for those clients wishing to make a big difference to there vehicle. 

 A Single Stage of machine polishing is undertaken using a Dual Action machine polisher appropriate pad and an all in one polish. This process will  safely   remove a minimum of 60% of defects from the paintwork, Rejuvenating tired paint work whilst  increasing gloss levels.  



 From £299 2 Days 



The Two Stage Enhancement 

The Perfect Package For vehicles that require a little more surgery. 

2 Stages of machine polishing. A Rotary Machine polishing stage to remove medium to deep defects followed buy a refinement stage via Dual Action Machine Polisher. We aim to achieve a minimum of 75% defect removal with this package.


From £550 3-4 Days   



  Bespoke Enhancement 

 This package includes Several Stages of machine polishing  as we seek paintwork perfection. 100%   correction is not always achievable but we strive for as close as is safely possible. Following on   from Deep defect removal a refinement stage will remove any buffer or sanding marks left behind from   heavy correctional work. And finally a jeweling stage. Ultra soft polishing pads and finishing compounds   are  used to finesse the final finish. This stage will drastically raise gloss levels and Paint clarity.



    From £799 5+ Days    




The Defined Detail.

This package includes The D3 package plus all ** Level 1 optional extras. Including Full Mayvinci Coverage and Mayvinci's flag ship Self Healing Coating  Oracle. Correcting and Protecting the entire vehicle. Inside Out. 

 From £1500 6+ Days 

  Optional Extras          Level One 

   ** High Pressure Engine Bay Steam     Clean And Dress From £25. 

   ** Headlamp Restoration /                 Polishing 

   * Interior Tickle. From £35 

   ** Full Interior Wet Detail. From £75

        (All Belongings Must Be    
          Removed, We Cannot Removed 

         Any Fitted Parts IE SEATS Fitted 

   ** Fabric/Leather Protection £75

   * Ceramic Wax £20

   * 12 Month Paint Sealant £39.99    


   * No Fitted Parts Can Be Removed          From Vehicle. I.E. Car Seats, Fitted        Car Matts  

   Optional Extras Level Two 

* Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and Mayvinci Coating.   

     From £300

* Caliper Refurbishment and Mayvinci Coating.  From £300 

* Vehicle Transportation. Covered or Open Trailer options            available Europe wide. From £POA   

  Mayvinci Ceramic Coating Options.  


   * Mayvinci Alloy Wheel Face Ceramic Coating. From £50 

   * Mayvinci Alloy Wheel Full coating Inc Calipers. From £150 

   * Mayvinci Glass coating. Windscreen Only. From £30 

   * Mayvinci Glass coating. All Glass. From £60 

   * Mayvinci MK4 18 Month Ceramic Coating. From £99 


   * Mayvinci C16 3 Year Ceramic Coating. From £199 

    * Mayvinci Ayanmo 5 Year Ceramic Coating. From £299

    * Mayvinci Oracle 5 Year Self Healing Coating. From £499. Oracle is only available with D3 package.

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